Virtual CTO

We provide AI consulting services as both independent engagements, and as part of larger development projects.

Getting from what you have to what you want can be especially challenging when you bring artificial intelligence technologies into the equation. We understand the pros and cons of all modern AI approaches, and can help you protect your development pipeline.

For smaller to mid-sized companies, developing a vision for technology use can be hard to do in-house. Luckily, with, you get a team of experts who can provide recommendations on a variety of technology-related issues. With our diverse experience, we can provide enterprise-class advice, but right-sized for your needs.

Bring your organization into the 21st century by keeping up-to-date (and ahead of the competition) with the best practices applicable to your industry. This includes process mapping, capability assessments, clearly defined measures of success, and deliberate control of project scopes.

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