Government and Public Sector

The public service has the mandate to deliver services that make a difference, but is challenged by constantly changing resource availability and ongoing social and political turmoil. There are a variety of use cases for the use of machine learning systems to improve service delivery and oversight. has the experience and expertise to consult and deliver the right AI solutions for any challenge that local, regional or national governments face.


AI for Government Efficiency and Better Service Delivery

We specialize in is on the Public Service and Procurement Canada’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Source List (Bands 1, 2, and 3). We are also ISO certified under ISO 14971 (Risk Management Systems).


Internal Audits

Professional auditing is about uncovering process-related risks. But it’s hard to find those risks if human auditors aren’t able to fully review the massive quantity of information. The team developed the highly effective AuditMap solution to do the legwork that auditors don’t have time to do in order to make the auditing process more effective.

The AuditMap capabilities include the ability to:


Document Intelligence

It simply doesn’t make sense to manually process information collection documents that are deployed at scale. If forms, applications, or similar types of documents are a part of your workflow, your organization needs a natural language processing solution from

With our experts on your side, we can help you steer clear of the typical pitfalls that trap less experienced providers, for example, applying sentiment analysis when topic modelling or topic classification would yield better results. has experience in document intelligence in a variety of industries, including finance and the public sector. From verifying that documents are complete and signed to streaming them for further processing, there are a variety of ways that our solutions can help save time and resources.


Data and Ethics

AI processing of large datasets can be a powerful force for good—as long as it’s used appropriately. For example, in the USA the race and gender of bank loan applicants are tracked in order to uncover predatory practices, like the promotion of high-interest mortgages to marginalized communities.

But adhering to the highest standards of transparency and accountability can be difficult. With each use case, there are dozens of questions that need to have the right answers in order to ensure that great ideas don’t fall victim to poor execution.


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