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Delivering AI Business Solutions is a specialized consultancy that provides artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning solutions to SMBs and enterprises in a commercial context. We have delivered AI/DL products to both private and public sector clients, and have performed research in the AI/DL fields of natural language understanding, automated data segmentation, sentiment analysis, recommendation systems, text/image similarity and more.

We uphold a value system based on a firm belief that technology of any kind should be used to empower and augment the human capacity, while respecting our ethical duty to uphold public welfare and ethics.

Our AI Consulting Framework

We want to ensure a successful deployment on every project we undertake. Our framework mitigates both the development risks by ensuring the comprehensiveness and applicability of the data used, and the integration risks during deployment and client hand-off.


Stage-gated control

Every project includes multiple stop points and milestones so that stakeholders can maintain flexible control over the project’s evolution. This integration of agility in the delivery of our services allows to rapidly adapt to changing business priorities.


Intellectual property ownership’s consulting engagements are focused on building a bespoke solution for the client, based on and guided by their own imagination and designs. We bring our full commitment to both executing the clients’ vision and ensuring that they retain complete ownership (as well as our future discretion) when building these solutions


Risk mitigation’s approach is based heavily on software development best practices that mitigate and reduce project risks. In particular, focuses on delivering well-defined and predictable components, and ensuring exceptional quality of those components.


Knowledge transfer

In relation to the previous point, takes care to deliver a solution that not only works, but that can also be built on at the client’s discretion. Part of this process involves a detailed knowledge transfer session with every client, to ensure that they have the tools at their disposal to own their own solution.

... ...
... ... as a trusted partner

We believe in the long-term success of our partners, customers and work performed. As such, it is in our nature to strive for long-term relationships with select, key partners founded on mutual trust, integrity and honesty

Commitment to pragmatic problem solving

Our work’s focus is on improving business outcomes and delivering actionable value to our client stakeholders. For each engagement we accept, whether individually or in partnership, we place an emphasis on rightsizing the scope and solutions to the business context and constraints.

Success through collaboration

Our gamut of competencies allow us to partner with a complementary fit to your organization’s service and product offerings. With partnership flexible terms purely based on joint success, we set out to play to each organization’s strengths while supplying a unified experience to the partnership’s clients. Fair play and clear division of labor make for easy and reproducible engagement models.


Supporting AI Across the Organization

A change in strategy requires focus, insight, diligence, and commitment. Engaging with reduces the cost of potential mistakes and reduces risk in experimenting with new technologies.

AI Readiness Assessment

Analyze the potential gaps in skills, knowledge and problem solving that your skill may have as you undertake your digital transformation. This assessment combines online forms to be filled by the team to interviews with leadership to properly assess where your team is and where they want to got so that we can properly set up an action plan on how to get there, with less risk and less costs.

Strategic Leadership

What are the technologies that are shaping your industry? What new insights can be unlocked from within your data warehouse? A good strategy will help support and justify your decisions when a situation is unclear, or a choice has to be made between two non-ideal outcomes. A bad strategy can coerce you into logically bad choices given the information presented to you. Prevent troublesome decisions by adhering to strong fundamentals.

Our Clients

"Thanks to their continued efforts, we are now applying to the SEC on our path to market."

- Samer Obeidat, founder and CEO, Investifai

We believe that we become part of the client‘s success story when we undertake a project. From strategy to delivery, we hold ourselves accountable to the client‘s mission and vision.

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