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Any business needs great people to grow. But business leaders in all sectors have identified talent acquisition and retention as key challenges to that growth. There are a variety of ways that’s solutions have helped organizations overcome these challenges, helping HR departments become more effective.


AI for more effective Human Resources programs

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Competency Matching

The cornerstone of any HR program is the development of useful job descriptions. Job descriptions, in turn, are built on a foundation of competencies: knowledge areas, skills, and behaviours that can be required in many roles. The only problem with competencies is that identifying and describing them can be time-consuming.

Fortunately,’s natural language processing solutions are ideally suited for tasks like these. We have successfully developed several solutions designed to identify and connect core competencies.


Headhunting and Candidate Evaluation

One of the most odious tasks in HR is sifting through social profiles and résumés to find and shortlist candidates. If your team has the insights but wants to make the repetitive execution steps happen faster, our machine learning and deep learning systems can take care of the legwork.

We can find and score candidates who demonstrate the qualities your team is looking for, even if those qualities are abstract.

Our systems go beyond flagging the obvious self-promotion statements (“I’m a team player” for a collaboration mindset) to find hidden markers that reveal true ability (“I” versus “we” statements). We’ve also worked on meta-analyses to re-evaluate the expected predictive power of organizational heuristics to uncover new insights.

... can help you determine the right way to leverage machine learning solutions to help organizations do more.


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