Aerospace and Defence

We’ve designed and deployed numerous successful AI systems for a variety of aviation and military applications. Our team has been involved in and is eligible for controlled goods, top-secret and NATO secret clearance projects.


Our AI and Machine Learning for Aerospace and Defence​

Our experience in AI and machine learning solutions include the following applications:


Anti-Drone Technology

We’ve created AI-based solutions to identify drones flying in monitored airspaces and to accurately classify drones, birds, aircraft, and also cars and motorcycles (which can also appear in-frame on some camera angles). The final system was a fusion of sensor data from both radar and a multi-camera system.

A second AI used radar time-series position data to identify drone behavioural signatures based on their movements over time.

Lemay.ai proven capabilities:

Path planning

Where is the drone going?


Planning an intercept path.


Image Recognition, GIS, and Decision Support Systems

We’ve had great success creating image recognition, geographic information system (GIS) mapping and similar decision support systems.

Typically, they use inputs from one or more video cameras and can include input from other types of sensors as well. The AI system recognizes object categories and then highlights the object to help human operators quickly identify them.


Defence Research

Our defence research projects give analysts tools to make sense of what they see in the data, so commanders have better information. Our work will help protect troops in the future through better organization, training, equipment, and even provide deterrence and risk reduction tools.

For example, one project in signals Intelligence allows us to make sense of radio traffic faster—when operators see changes in the radio spectrum they can be alerted to a potential situation before it has a chance to fully develop.

Detecting Malfunctions


AI can play a crucial role in detecting malfunctions in industrial defense equipment, ensuring optimal functionality and reliability. By leveraging machine learning algorithms and data analysis techniques, AI systems can analyze vast amounts of sensor data collected from the equipment in real-time. These systems can identify patterns, anomalies, and deviations from normal behavior, which may indicate potential malfunctions or performance issues.

Through continuous monitoring, AI can detect even subtle changes in the equipment's behavior, allowing early intervention and preventive maintenance. This proactive approach helps avoid critical failures, reduces downtime, and increases the overall operational efficiency of industrial defense equipment.


Naval Intelligence / Coast Guard

Maritime authorities face unique challenges in carrying out their duties. AI helps make protecting large areas not only possible, but more effective.

Protecting marine resources is an ongoing challenge, considering that growing demand makes illegal fishing more attractive all the time. One of our prototypes for Fisheries and Oceans Canada (intended to support the Canadian Coast Guard) enables teams to not only monitor ocean traffic, but predict where it was going. This provides the kind of advance warning that teams need to intercept illegal crews and safeguard precious resources.


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