The future of automation

Large Language Models and LLMOps

Large Language Models (LLMs) present the next frontier in AI-based automation for enterprises. With changes happening every day, our trusted advisory team will help clarify feasibility from fiction, and separate material outcomes from make-believe stories.

Let our team guide you through the assessment, finetuning and deployment of LLMs to help create your own interactive corporate knowledge base.


LLMs, GPT Models and Transformer Models

Our experience with LLMs include the following applications:

Vector Databases

The power of transformer-based sentence and document embeddings now allows for greater similarity search and interactive question-answering.

Using transformer-based embedding generators, built-in Approximate Nearest-Neighbor (ANN) searches, and automated deployments, vector databases accelerate unstructured data searches into effective knowledge bases.


Prompt Engineering

LLM interactivity can be supercharged by interfacing with all of the possible features of the generative models.

Creating custom chain-of-thought prompting allows for procedural problem-solving in line with your project objectives.


LLM API Interactivity

Interacting with LLMs is half the battle. Beyond the access and the deployment is the utility of the correct family of models, which requires wrappers and actuators for effective use.

Setting up the right set of APIs will allow for a smooth integration within your business processes, your products, and your team.


Proprietary Data Protection

Many public APIs gain access to and use proprietray corporate data, as per their end-user agreements. This poses a corporate risk, as this data should never leave your infrastructure.

To overcome this challenge, let our team guide you through mixed deployment strategies, including on-premise deployments of best-in-class models for near-equivalent performance of public APIs.

... can help you determine the right way to leverage machine learning solutions to help organizations do more.


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