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Let us guide your company through the next digital transformation.

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A reliable AI consulting framework for new and emerging technologies.

Years of AI project success and delivery have helped us forge a reliable and reproducible consulting framework. Our approach to machine learning consulting services is to address project risks as early as possible.

Define the strategy.

Working with the leadership team, an AI strategy is established for supporting your organization.

Prioritize key projects.

An investigative, iterative and solution-centric approach establishes the best projects for your organization's needs.

Integrate, deploy, and verify.

Connect the models to your stack, monitor their performance, and start owning the opportunity.

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Understanding and measuring success through the lens of your business.

The relentless chase for the next best model ignores the main goal of technology: to accelerate and automate work. Let us help you navigate the world of machine learning to find the best opportunities for your business.

Fixed-Fee Work Plans

Full IP Ownership

Technical Knowledge Transfer

Cloud Provider-Agnostic

From the ground up.

Our machine learning consulting services are built from the raw code to ensure performance, reliability, and explainability.

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Entrepreneurial experience
building end-to-end solutions.

For 5+ years has assisted corporate clients in myriad fields with their adoption of AI/ML/DL solutions, and completed projects in 21+ countries. Our purpose as an AI consulting company is to help you on your digital transformation journey.

Experience Matters

The company is an NVIDIA Preferred Solution Advisor, AWS partner, Official Canadian Federal Government AI Supplier, and top 3 in ranking of AI Companies in Canada.‚Äč‚Äč

Deep understanding of the AI landscape

We've developed a range of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) solutions over the years. As the field has evolved, we continue to keep up to date with the rapidly changing landscape of data science and modelling tools.

"To date, the team at has proven they are able to provide excellent artificial intelligence consulting services and insights. They have created real value for our client companies, supporting the goals of the [IBM I3] program."

Caroline Croft
Manager, Venture Programs, Invest Ottawa

"Throughout these projects, has provided insights and added value. [..] Their team has been a pleasure to work with and I would be happy to work with them in the future."

Leor Grebler
CEO, Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation

"MNP has strategically chosen as its go-to partner for rapid AI deployment, and has been consistently impressed with the scope and quality of solutions they have developed for us. [...] Without hesitation, I fully recommend for your potential business venture."

Michael Melville
Senior Consultant, MNP LLP

"Throughout the project, provided project updates and articulate feedback on our ideas."

Vincent Vomero
Founder & CEO, Foxy AI

"I‚Äėm happy to recommend the services of for natural language-based artificial intelligence consulting needs."

Lorraine McKay
Co-Founder & CMO, HRSG

Articles and Publications

Flexible deployment options.

We offer your team the full spectrum of machine learning project options, including Solution Architecture, Gap Analysis, AI Roadmap, Virtual CTO, Data Science, AI/ML/DL Model Training, Deployment, and MLOps.

To best serve our clients in the way they are most comfortable, we are very platform agnostic. To keep in touch, our clients use videoconferencing solutions including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, Verizon BlueJeans, and Cisco Webex. To track work tickets on projects, we work with clients in JIRA, Asana, AzDO, github, gitlab, and more. For internal communication our teams regularly uses Slack, MS Teams, and literally conference calls on the phone. We meet you where you are, and take you to where you want to be.

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We love DigitalOcean. Several of our corporate servers are deployed as droplets in DO, and some of our startup clients are set up there too. Although GPUs are not available in DO, we do support CPU-based model deployment in droplets and containers, as well as CDN and volumes for data storage and distribution. We are happy mixing in load balancers, CloudFront and CloudFlare too.

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Our team works with your networking, security, and operations teams to deploy using a variety of virtualization formats such as OVA, OVF, VMDK, and containers. We have deployed images based on RHEL, Ubuntu, Windows, and Debian.

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Amazon Web Services

As an AWS partner, many of our clients are deployed in AWS, and we support machine learning deployment patterns including EC2, EKS, and SageMaker. We also support dataset storage on S3, lightweight model deployment in lambda, and virtual database options such as RDS.

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Microsoft Azure

We support machine learning deployment in Azure DevOps in AKS, App Services, AzureML, and more. We also have managed projects and repos in AzDO. If you are deployed in Azure, we are here to help with your machine learning project.

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Google Cloud Platform

Our team can assist you with model training and deployment within GCP. In addition, many of our clients utilize API services from Google, including NLU and search.

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