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Data Science & Auditing

Audit, validate, and deeply understand the available data and broader context.

Machine Learning & AI

Take advantage of the latest developments in artificial intelligence to enhance your product and capabilities.

Integration & Deployment

Test, integrate, and deploy custom software components.

powered by your data, guided by our expertise.

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Our Services

Mix and match our expert skills for your unique project needs.

Artificial Intelligence

We leverage the newest deep learning technology platforms and frameworks for rapid prototyping and long-term support.

Solution Architecture

Let us help you in defining the tactical deployment of your product.


Design and deploy cloud infrastructure.

Big Data

Scrape, process, and digest large datasets.


Secure your infrastructure and reassure your clients.

New Product Development

Give your idea the greatest chance of success.

Intellectual Property

We have successfully prepared patents, trademarks, and IP contracts in collaboration with legal professionals.

Project Management

Collect requirements, define milestones, monitor progress and generate live reports.

Multi-Model Systems

Connect multiple models into a coherent, effective solution.

Our Process

Tailored solutions demand a rigorous process.

Our business model is to provide professional services to companies. Depending on your needs, we come up with a statement of work (SOW) and provide a quote for that work.
Some contracts are fixed-price, while others are set at an hourly rate, and some larger projects are open contracts where we bill our work up to a monthly cap.

Our sweet spot is in the high end of the market, focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning. We look for projects with big data that require machine intelligence.
Typically these projects involve a cloud computing component.
We solve tough problems using the latest and greatest tools.













What Clients Say

"Thanks to their continued efforts, we are now applying to the [Securities and Exchange Commission] on our path to market."

Samer Obeidat
CEO & Founder, Investifai

"I‘m happy to recommend the services of for natural language-based artificial intelligence consulting needs."

Lorraine McKay
Co-Founder & CMO, HRSG

"To date, the team at has proven they are able to provide excellent artificial intelligence consulting services and insights. They have created real value for our client companies, supporting the goals of the [IBM I3] program."

Caroline Croft
Manager, Venture Programs, Invest Ottawa

"Throughout these projects, has provided insights and added value. [..] Their team has been a pleasure to work with and I would be happy to work with them in the future."

Leor Grebler
CEO, Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation

"MNP has strategically chosen as its go-to partner for rapid AI deployment, and has been consistently impressed with the scope and quality of solutions they have developed for us. [...] Without hesitation, I fully recommend for your potential business venture."

Michael Melville
Senior Consultant, MNP LLP

"Throughout the project, provided project updates and articulate feedback on our ideas"

Vincent Vomero
Founder & CEO, Foxy AI

About Us

Meet the team behind the brand.

We uphold a value system based on a firm belief that technology of any kind should be used to empower and augment the human capacity, while respecting our ethical duty to uphold public welfare and ethics. is a specialized consultancy providing bespoke artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning solutions (AI/ML/DL). We focus on the development and rapid deployment of these technologies in fintech, natural language understanding, and research and development. is in the top tier of the Canadian government’s AI supplier list,’s Clutch Leaders Matrix for "Top AI Developers in Canada", AWS select consulting partner, an NVIDIA Preferred Solutions Advisor, and is a member of the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI). The company was founded in 2016. We have delivered AI/ML products to both private and public sector clients, and have performed research in the AI/ML/DL fields of natural language understanding, automated data segmentation, recommender systems, text, video, and image analysis and more.

Click here to learn more about our team.

Transparency and rationale—every step of the way. is a specialized consultancy that provides artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning solutions to SMBs and enterprises in a commercial context. The corporation was founded by Mathieu Lemay and Daniel Shapiro, PhD in 2016 with their own funds, building on past work experience in consulting. They built up a research and development team and multiple revenue streams, following an agency model for delivering consulting services.

Over the course of the last two years, we have refined our AI Consulting Framework, which allowed us to successfully deploy multiple projects. This rapid deployment framework allows for flexible, iterative, and continuous deployment of project prototypes and solutions, while ensuring production-ready quality upon integration and hand-off with the client’s team.

We focus on human augmentation, not replacement

We understand the concerns surrounding the replacement of humans with machine-learning systems. We also understand that artificial intelligence systems, at present, are restricted to mimicking existing behaviours, and even then imperfectly. Therefore, we maintain a strict focus on augmentation of human workers to allow them to perform more tasks, and take care to identify areas and points where humans should be kept in-the-loop to monitor the process.

We implement defensive design with safety first

Our team’s diverse experiences in cybersecurity, medical devices and defense solutions inspires us to continuously evaluate risk at all levels of development and integration. This vigilance is displayed in the following activities:

  • designing user interfaces where users are provided with the right questions to ask, not given explicit answers;
  • monitoring solutions post-deployment for resilience and expected performance; and
  • following best practices in information technology security to ensure that client data and intellectual property remain secure.


As active members of the AI community, we continuously share knowledge and participate in various events.

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Blog image

E-mail Validation

See a demonstration of server-side validation tools able to ensure that an e-mail address is valid.

Blog image

Document Understanding

Word Embedding in Natural Language Processing detects semantic similarites between words.

Blog image

Sentiment Analysis

This artificial intelligence interprets Twitter posts to determine the overall impression of Twitter users regarding a given search term.

Blog image


A Dialogflow (API.AI) chatbot allows users to converse with a program through either text or speech.

  • CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD @ Ottawa AI Alliance

    CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD will be presenting a talk at the Ottawa Artificial Intelligence Alliance's Second Annual workshop on practical use cases for word embeddings.

  • CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD @ Replica Analytics

    CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD will be on a panel at Replica Analytics where he will share his experience assessing various models in this quickly evolving field.

  • CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD @ Invest Ottawa

    Daniel will be presenting a tactical approach to analyzing an organization to find opportunities for integrating AI, looking at how to set up the gap analysis against a corporation's KPIs.

  • @ B2B Marketing Expo

    Our team will be exhibiting at the B2B Marketing Expo at the LA Convention Center.

  • @ DSEI UK will exhibit at #DSEI2019 showcasing our tank detection models in partnership with Pleora Technologies.

  • CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD @ Carleton University

    CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD will be presenting a talk at Carleton University at the Fields-CQAM Workshop on Machine Learning in the Presence of Class Imbalance.

  • “Humans Don’t Trust AI-based Calls”

    Checkout our CTO's recent article on AI for customer service after being in deep conversation with for the report The State of Conversational AI and Consumer Trust.

  • CEO Matt Lemay @ The AI Summit

    CEO Matt Lemay will be at the The AI Summit in London, UK.

  • CEO Matt Lemay @ AI Paris

    CEO Matt Lemay will be at AI Paris.

  • CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD @ University of Ottawa

    CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD will be presenting a no code microcourse on AI targeted at executives and managers. The event is co-sponsored by and the University of Ottawa.

  • CEO Matt Lemay @ CCITAGS 2019

    CEO Matt Lemay will be co-presenting the talk "A Causal Mapping Tool for Auditors: Process and Results" at the Canadian Conference on IT Audit, Governance and Security.

  • CEO Matt Lemay @ Carleton U Data Day 2019

    CEO Matt Lemay will be speaking at the Ottawa Start-up Successes panel at Carleton University's Data Day.

  • CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD @ ICSEE 2018

    CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD will be presenting the paper Speaker Differentiation Using a Convolutional Autoencoder at the ICSEE conference.

  • CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD @ Invest Ottawa AMA Panel

    CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD will be presenting at Invest Ottawa AMA Panel.

  • CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD @ VanillaSoft

    Watch CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD in a live stream webinar with VanillaSoft on the truths, falsehoods, and outright lies in Artificial Intelligence. Check out the interview >>

  • @ Toronto Machine Learning Annual Summit & Expo 2018 (TMLS) will be holding a booth at the career fair. Come talk to us!

  • @ NeuroTech Ontario Showcase Ottawa

    We will be attending the NeuroTech Ontario Showcase in Ottawa. Come find us and talk to us!

  • CEO Matt Lemay - The Language of Risk @ IIA Long Island

    Our CEO Matt will be presenting at IIA conference in Long Island.

  • CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD @ University of Ottawa

    CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD will be presenting to a 4th year Computer Engineering class at uOttawa on Deep Learning.

  • CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD @ Invest Ottawa

    CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD will be presenting on the basics of how to get started adopting artificial intelligence in your organization.

  • Presenting @ Toronto Machine Learning 'Micro-Summit' Series (TMLS)

    Come see our presentation for TMLS series focus in finance.

  • CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD @ Invest Ottawa

    CTO Daniel Shapiro, PHD will be presenting on the basics of how to get started adopting artificial intelligence in your organization.

  • CEO Matt Lemay - Understanding Artificial Intelligence in business @ Entrepreneurs 1on1

    CEO will be talking about understanding Artificial Intelligence in business at Entrepreneurs 1on1. Check out the talk >>

  • @ AccelerateOTT 2017: Growth Hacking

    We will be attending the AccelerateOTT 2017: Growth Hacking by Invest Ottawa. Come find us and talk to us!

We are happy to announce that we are among a roster of artificial intelligence suppliers selected by the Government of Canada! Checkout the full list in this Ottawa Business Journal article >>


We are always looking for top talent. If you can get stuff done, let us know.

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